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Air Fear of God 1’s


October 21, 2020

College Crazy 

College Crazy 

October 21, 2020

The Trending Game: Among Us

Matthew Jeppesen, Bobcat Beat Staff

October 13, 2020

You’re thousands of miles from home, hurtling through space on a rickety old spaceship where everything is bound to go wrong. The minute you get the electrical working the reactor starts to overheat, the coms go down, an...

The Renaissance Man of Madison High.

Hilton Bates, Bobcatbeat Staff

October 5, 2020

It’s relatively uncommon to find somebody as energetic and multifaceted as Senior Jonas Barzee. It’s not just the sheer volume of hobbies he has that makes him fascinating; it is their diversity.  “I participate in playing soccer for Madis...

Travi Patty Worth The Hype?

September 22, 2020

A Corona Homecoming

September 18, 2020

This year's homecoming will be pretty different from years passed, with the latest updates on mandatory regulations that need to be followed to protect our students, our teachers, and our students. This includes canceling the...

Meet Our New Administrators!

September 17, 2020

The student council ready for the 2020-21 school year.

Counsel From the Council

September 16, 2020

Mrs. Dodd a new edition to the english department.

Madison’s New Teachers 

September 4, 2020

The Bobcadettes preforming last Friday.

New kids on the Block 

September 3, 2020

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