Bobcat Beat is a student ran news magazine written by Madison High School Students in Rexburg, Idaho. They publish online and work hard to share relevant and timely stories.


Natalie Tanner- Editor-in-Chief

Shaylee Hoffman- Assistant Editor

Hannah Liddiard- Assistant Editor

Sofia Hayes- Staff Writer

Megan Gehmlich- Staff Writer

Corbet Adams- Staff Writer

Kaora Harper- Staff Writer

Bradley Hodgson- Staff Writer

Halle Newhouse- Staff Writer

Joshua Bourgeous- Staff Writer/Overall great guy

Ethan Meeker- Staff Writer

McKenna Manwarring- Staff Writer

Hailey Berry- Staff Writer

Rebecca Lewis- Staff Writer

Lexi Dennis- Staff Writer

Peyton Johnson- Staff Writer

John Franson-Staff Writer

McKell Hancock-Staff Writer

Halle Newhouse-Staff Writer

Emily Oliphant-Staff Writer

Sarah Paepke-Staff Writer

Eron Powell-Staff Writer

Carly Stapelman-Staff Writer

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