Taking school to the Wilderness

Dow recording data that her group collected at Coal Creek, Wyoming.

Grace Dow

Dow recording data that her group collected at Coal Creek, Wyoming.

Kylynn Klingler, Bobcat Beat Staff

MHS offers many different classes for students to take. One of the more unique classes is Environmental solutions, also known as ES. This class allows students to take field trips during school to go out and study the creeks and streams in nature and collect data to then use in a  final project.

Junior Jonas Thompson is one of the many students in the ES class and shared what he loved about it.

“Every other day we were out into a different creek, out in the mountains, or out in the Idaho desert. There are all sorts of things that happen from testing and finding big bugs to just the play time we get afterwards,” Thompson said. “Then there is the socialization in the classrooms and all the teachers are really fun so there are always memories being made. It’s not a normal school. There’s a lot of funny things that happen. At one of the creeks, my teammate Kenli Twitchell fell in and we felt really bad, because it was a very cold windy day.”

This class helps students to get away from the school itself and allows the kids to be out in nature and to be able to make memories that they will take with them for the rest of their lives. Senior Grace Dow’s favorite memory was going down to Webster’s Dam.

“One day we went to Webster’s Dam and we didn’t have any assignments so we built a fire and cooked food and got to mess around, which was fun,” Dow said.

Getting to play out in nature during school can be really fun. They went to many different places, even areas that contained snakes.

“I remember when we went to the bute we were climbing on the rocks. After that we went down to the old Jenny Lee homestead and caught and played with some garter snakes. Mine decided to go up my sleeve,” Junior Elanor Hancock said.

Some people wouldn’t go near the snakes, but Hancock did and got a funny experience out of it. Hancock’s favorite place they went was to South Lee Creek because of how pretty it was.

“My favorite location we went to was South Lee Creek. It is a beautiful creek, because it has a lot of boulders and it is almost in the middle of nowhere. It is a valley right near Targee. You could traverse across the creek without touching the water because of how many boulders there were. With the sky a really pale gray it made everything look really mysterious. I love

Joshua Stapelman, Kenli Twitchell, Kate Morrill, and Jonas Thompson at Teton Creek. Throughout the ES class, the students build relationships with each other. (Jonas Thompson)
Dow and her friends in ES posing for a picture at Webster’s Dam. Many of the locations they studied, they had to hike to. (Grace Dow)

d it,” Hancock said.