Guys hair…long or short?


Abigail Curtis , Bobcatbeat Staff

The decision between keeping your hair or chopping the mop, is a very hard choice. Will they like it? Will the girls like it? Everything is in question. There are so many ways to cut and style boy’s hair but what is the girls’ favorite? 

“I like guys’ hair long, not too long though. Nothing past shoulder length, that’s about as long as it can get without being too much.” Sophomore Ella Bjorn said. 

So many different styles come with long hair. So many ways to cut, curl, and handle the mop. Middle part is a classic and probably the girls favorite. 

“I like the middle part, fluffy, or where it’s in the front like Tik Tok boy’s hair,” Bjorn said. 

There are a lot of trends that have happened with hair over the years but, the last couple years there have been some good and some bad. Some of them include getting perms, or growing out your hair, getting mullets and more. 

“No perms, but if your hair is wavy I think it looks great with the longer hair. I also think that straight hair usually goes best with long hair but I think either is great,” Bjorn said. 

But for the boys there’s a lot of stress that comes with getting a haircut. Mostly the why behind chopping the mop. It’s always a big decision especially for the boys of MHS.

“In the fall time, I like my hair longer just cause you know going into football season, and in the winter time for snowboarding. But then in the summertime, it’s kind of nice to switch it up and get a cut to not have it be all there and to have it be less hot,” Sophomore Hayden Sorenson said. 

But for the true individuals here at school, all this decision comes down to is how their hair fits their aesthetic, and how comfortable they are with it aside from others opinions.

“I like short hair because its more convenient its dries faster when I get out of the shower, it is never in my eyes. But I like long hair because it’s more fun and fits my vibe.” says Senior Owen Galer.

Owen Galer before haircut
Galer after haircut