Teacher’s Pet… Peeves


Olivia Richey, Bobcat Beat Staff

Getting on your teacher’s good side is not always an easy task. From strict to more laid back teachers, each one has a different way of running their classroom. Getting an A in a class often depends on following the rules and staying on the good side of your teacher. To do this it might help to know some of the teachers likes and dislikes, such as pet peeves. Understanding the little things can make all the difference.  

“Ok with my students, if I’m allowed to say, is the question when they come towards the end of the trimester, what can I do to get my grade up?” U.S. History teacher, Mr. Chavez said.

Mr. Chavez will always be willing to help his students, no matter the question, but keep in mind that some questions bother him a little more than others. So if you want to stay in his good graces, just keep your grade up so the question isn’t even considered. Along with “end of the tri ” questions, Chavez has another great pet peeve. As a student you probably won’t ever encounter this one, but it’s still good to know. 

“Another pet peeve, now that i’m thinking about it, wet socks. If it starts to rain, I start to curse the heavens a little bit if I don’t have my rain boots or something because I get the soaking sock feeling. Worst ever. I think that one of the worst pet peeves of mine for sure.”

Across the hall is Madison Highs Business teacher, Mrs. Barzee. She has completely different pet peeves that drive her nuts. 

“A general one is when people pop their knuckles. It’s kind of like raking your fingers across the chalkboard to me because it seems kind of painful and it makes a yucky noise,” Ms. Barzee said. 

Mrs. Barzee and Mr. Chavez both are amazing teachers and as long as you don’t do these few things like last second grade fixes and popping your knuckles, you should be set in their classes. A last word of advice from Ms. Barzee that I am sure every teacher agrees with:

“Here at school, people like having their head somewhere else when their body is in class. I want mind and body here. Be present.”