Rachel’s Story


Senior Rachel Richey

Ella Richards

Senior, Rachel Richey, is always finding new ways to express herself through her art. It all started at the young age of 4. Rachel looked up to her older sister and was always fascinated with her art.  It was her experiences as a child with her sister that began her fascination and interest in art.. 

“I wanted to be just as good”. Richey said.

Rachel has always enjoyed doing shoe art for herself while growing up, but never knew it would lead to her starting her own custom shoe business. It all started with some friends asking if she could paint their shoes because they knew Rachel was an amazing artist. From there she decided to keep going with it and spread the word through social media. Rachel was surprised by how quickly people came and asked for a pair for themselves.

 “I always did it for fun, but I have never really considered doing it for others, let alone making an income out of it”. Said the Senior artist. 

The shoe painting process is very long and tedious. It takes up to 6-20 hours to get one pair done for a customer.

 “I wouldn’t want to earn money any other way,” Richey says.

This experience has pushed Rachel’s painting limits and helped get her out of her comfort level. But mainly she just loves any chance she can get to paint, and loves giving people something they want.

 “I have honestly impressed myself many times and it only motivates me to keep going and not be scared of a challenge.” Rachel says.

Through this process Rachel has learned how to manage her time and customer priority. She’s developed more in her skills as an artist and just as a person. It has been a great side business that she’s loved and learned a lot from.

One of Rachel’s painted shoes. (Rachel Richey)

 “I am beyond thankful for the talents and gifts i have been given and that i’m able to bring joy to others through them.”