Dating Dos and Don’ts

Dating Dos and Donts

Saehim Kim, Bobcatbeat Staff


 One of the most cherished moments and memories are created in the process of going on a date. 

Going on a first date can be exciting and fun, but can also be quite a nerve wracking experience. Especially if you don’t know what to do in certain moments, Students from our Madison High School tell their do’s and don’ts for a date.

“I like it when guys are touchy in a good assuring way. When they aren’t awkward about giving you a hug or just stuff like that. Pretty much when they make you feel comfortable around them. Confidence is key too, even if I hate the guy, if they are confident and have a plan and go through with it it’s still super fun. For me the most attractive guys are the confident ones.” Avery Simkins, Junior said.

If the person is confident and has a plan, it is a thumbs up for Avery. A good median of having fun and keeping a date organized can never go wrong. Keeping your date comfortable and letting them feel like they can be themselves is a pointer to keep in note.

“Make it clear that it’s a date and not just a hangout,” Simkins said. 

Regardless of how well or tight you know someone, an unclear approach or too casual of an approach can be misleading. When you’re asking someone out, making things clear and having an executed plan is the way to go. Being an upperclassman Matthew Hink, Senior, has gone on his fair share of first dates and has learned from his mistakes.

“I once went on a date where I was really pushing for it to go well and because I tried too hard, it pushed them away even farther,” said Hink

Finding the chill median in between trying too hard and trying too little is key to a successful date. It steers away from awkward and unwanted situations. 

“Don’t try too hard or you’re going to get in a situation you don’t want to be in,” Hink said.