A Lifeless Gym


Photo By Quin WIlcox

The Madison High School Gym.

Quin Wilcox, Bobcatbeat Staff

With Governor Littles restrictions on Covid, students and fans aren’t allowed in the gyms during games and matches. Many students, mostly seniors are disappointed that they aren’t allowed to watch games in person. 

 “I think it really sucks because it’s our senior year, and we all looked forward to being able to be in the student section and cheer on our friends,” senior Carter Stanford said.

This year has brought on a lot of new challenges as well as some good opportunities, some of the school districts in the Boise area haven’t even gotten to start their season. And we have. Not having fans may not be the best situation, but maybe our point of view is a little bit different since we are seniors. 

“I don’t really care, I am not much of a basketball fan. And I wouldn’t be able to sit in the student section. Plus I’d rather be safe from Covid than to be putting myself into danger with all of the Covid stuff going around right now,” sophomore Klarke Mckane said. 

As there are two points of view for this issue, most people are willing to take the risk, for the reward of watching our team play this year. At the way we are playing it will be no surprise to go to state and maybe even be able to make a run. Every student with an opportunity to come would love it.

“Honestly I have looked forward to it growing up, seeing all of those guys in the student section. My older brother in the student section, me last year in the student section. And then this year my senior year not being there it’s been really sad to not be over there,” senior Jace Leatham said. 

As kind of a recurring theme most all of the seniors are very unhappy about not being able to support their friends who are on the team, and be able to show their school spirit in the student section.

“Actually it really sucks, being able to show up and watch the guys play. Even if we were spread out around the gym. These guys worked really hard and it isn’t very fair that they don’t even get a crowd to cheer them on,” senior Jantzen Marcum said.