Peyton’s Baking Fridays


Photo by Bobcat Beat staff

Burrell with her “Baking Friday” treats

Hannah Burrell, Junior Editor

Warm chocolate chip cookies, truffles, lemon bars, toffee, cupcakes, muffins oh my! Sophomore Peyton Burrell started a tradition called, Peyton’s Baking Fridays, where Burrell makes a variety of different treats every Friday to share with her friends at MHS.

With her big and caring heart, Burrell began making and bringing treats for her friends at school since the beginning of October, and is still keeping the tradition alive to this day.

“Every Friday we have school, I make treats and bring them to my friends. I make the treats on Thursday night, and it helps me practice my baking skills,” Burrell said.

With Burrell’s talent and dedication, Burrell hopes to own and open her own bakery one day.

“I want to own my own bakery when I’m older,” Burrell said.

Baking must obviously run in the Burrell family as Burrell had a love for baking even when she was young. Baking at a young age helped her find a love for baking.

“When I was younger, I’d love to help my mom bake and then I eventually started making stuff on my own,” Burrell said.

Expanding her treats beyond her friends, Burrell has made an Instagram account where she posts what she bakes.

“I’ll do polls of what to make each Friday on my Instagram account, and every time I make something, I usually post it with a caption of what it is,” Burrell said.

Burrell’s delicious cookie dough balls (Courtesy Photo)

If you have any suggestions for Burrell on what to bake, make sure to check out Burrell’s instagram @bakingwithpeyton!