Watching Shows While it Snows

Mateo Baeza, Bobcat Beat Staff

Hulu logo (Picture courtesy of Google photos)

High school students spend the majority of their time watching tv shows and movies. There are a few main streaming service contenders that there are to choose from and everybody has a different opinion.

“I liked things on Netflix before but now everything’s changing to be on Disney Plus,” Senior Eliza Gleason said.

Netflix has been the king of streaming for a while, but things seem to be changing.

“Yeah I’m gonna use Disney Plus more because it’s taking over Netflix,” Gleason said.

Although Netflix is very popular, some students view Hulu as the superior site.

“I really like Hulu- the UI(User Interface) is really good and it has a better selection than Netflix,” Sophomore Levi Ohran said.

There are a couple of popular shows to watch on Hulu that, in some people’s opinion, make it worthwhile to use over Netflix.

“I like Rick and Morty and Brooklyn Nine Nine,” Ohran said.

Others are split down the middle because they like shows from either service.

“My favorites are Hulu because of King of the Hill and Netflix because of Trailer Park Boys, if I had to choose I’d pick Netflix,” Sophomore Matthew Nite said.