The Renaissance Man of Madison High.

Hilton Bates, Bobcatbeat Staff

It’s relatively uncommon to find somebody as energetic and multifaceted as Senior Jonas Barzee. It’s not just the sheer volume of hobbies he has that makes him fascinating; it is their diversity. 

“I participate in playing soccer for Madison High School. I skateboard, and I also stream on Twitch.”

Balancing activities with such diversity as sports and gaming is no easy task, especially for satisfying a team and an audience. 

“In soccer, you have to all work as one if you’re going to succeed in anything. When you mess up, sometimes you get your butt chewed by your teammates… It’s a little tough when soccer season starts; we have practices every day before school, doing two practices a day. As soon as school starts, we have one practice a day, and we have two games a week normally.”

Although soccer does take up a lot of free time, Barzee tries to maintain a consistent schedule when streaming video games on Twitch. His channel is called OmnipotentiTV, and you can usually catch him streaming every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Barzee Streams games such as, Among Us, Minecraft, Overwatch, and Hearthstone for his audience to enjoy.

“I’d say I wouldn’t want super young kids on my stream because there are some times when colorful language is applied, but I’m also not a streamer that’s constantly cursing or doing like bad jokes or bad things.” 

Although Barzee does make an undisclosed amount of money from streaming on Twitch, the money isn’t the only thing keeping him going. He loves being able to interact with his audience and build a community.

“My favorite part about being a streamer can build a community. I know it sounds cliche because lots of people say that. Still, in the beginning, streaming was just a way that I could earn money and possibly support myself in the future…as soon as I started streaming and picking up speed a little bit. People started to talk with me in the chat and stuff. I became mainly into streaming because I enjoy that part of it.:” Barzee Said.