JV Soccer Team

Kayson Smith, Bobcatbeat Staff

Madison High School’s JV soccer team beat HillCrest for the second time in five years recently. If it wasn’t for practice everyday, supportive coaches, and helpful teammates, it could’ve never happened. 

Sophomore Mario Sosa, the star player for the JV soccer team, has played soccer for seven years and is now on the JV team.

“It’s pretty nice, actually. It’s not as strict as varsity, but it still gives you enough playing time so you can make varsity.” Sosa said.

JV is a great team to be on for developing players. Outside of becoming a better athlete, soccer is a great sport for making friends.

“I have a lot of friends on that team that I’ve known for a while,” Sosa said.

Scoring many of the goals for the JV team and assisting in the scoring of many goals, Sosa finds much enjoyment in playing soccer. However, if it wasn’t for the chocolate milk each athlete gets at the end of the game, who knows how the soccer game against Hillcrest would’ve ended.

“Dude, Choc Choc Milk is probably the best thing out there. The greatest thing.” Sosa said.