Travi Patty Worth The Hype?

Travi Patty on McDonalds app.

Photo courtesy of McDonalds App

Travi Patty on McDonalds app.

The new Travis Scott Burger has received a lot of hype all over the country especially with his fans. Many are skeptical whether it deserves the publicity or not. Travis Scott is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and producer. The Travis Scott Burger was introduced to the McDonalds menu because that’s his favorite item to order.

James Harris, a Madison High School senior, recently partook of this meal. His friends shared with him that the meal was worth it and that he should try it himself.

“I had heard good things from multiple people, so I thought I’d just try it out,” Harris said. 

As Harris had heard, it was definitely worth the hype. The meal is valued around $6 so it’s definitely not out of the average price range, it includes the burger, drink, fry, and most importantly the barbecue sauce.

 “I don’t really care about who it’s about but if they were to make that item permanent on the menu, I think people would get it,” said Harris. 

While many don’t get the hype of the meal and think it’s a hoax, it’s priced cheaper than regular items on the menu.