Girls Soccer


Photo by Kailani DeGraw

Junior Lacie Little makes a play against #15 from Rigby Highschool.

Kailani Degraw, Ariana Vega, Matthew Jeppson, Tari Wolcott, and Benson Gugelman

“Teams get really mad at each other, and they get super negative, but I’ve noticed that when you start being positive, then it really brings up the play. They are focusing less on what they did wrong and more what they can improve when people are cheering them on,” Senior Paige Sargeant says. (Photo by Kailani DeGraw )
“The urge to win, keeps me motivated and I just want to beat every team and be undefeated. In Hall’s perspective she tries her best with motivating herself and her teammates. Doing that will lead to wins,” Ava Hall says. (Photo by Matthew Jeppson)
Madison goes for the goal! (Photo by Arianna Vega)
Madison players work hard as a team to win. (Photo by Kailani DeGraw)