What Have We Hair?


Katelyn Wray, Reporter

At MHS, the answer to who has the most iconic curly hair would be a resounding Senior Caisen Chandler, and Junior Andrew Higgins. These boys have almost identical hair. This is no longer the case. Caisen Chandler received a haircut this past week.

I cut my hair mostly because I’m doing my mission papers right now, and I’ve been thinking about cutting it for a couple months. It’s kind of annoying for it to be super long,” Chandler said. 

Courtesy Photo
Caisen Chandler with long hair

Many wonder how long Chandler’s hair was, and the time it took to grow out. 

“I never cut it, I never even trimmed it. It was February two years ago, so two years and a month… I think it was about a foot and a half long.. It went down to my mid-chest if I stretched it out,” Chandler said.

This leads to the question of why Chandler began growing it out in the first place.

“It’s a funny story actually, I’ve always had kind of long hair since I was little… My ears grew way faster than the rest of my body, so my ears were huge, like elephant ears. My mom had to grow out my hair to cover them. That’s how I started having long hair, and I just kept it up even after I grew into my ears,” Chandler said. 

Higgins was asked how he would respond if someone told him he had to cut his hair. The answer was shocking. 

“Yes! It depends who tells me though. I’d be okay, and I’d cut it. I’m sick of it. I’m not going to have long hair again,” Higgins said. 

Andrew Higgins with long hair.

Will this be the end of MHS’s iconic curly-haired boys?

“Probably not… I like having longish hair, but I would probably not grow it back to as long as it was before I cut it… I love having curly hair,” Chandler said. 

Higgins already iterated his desire to not grow his hair out again, but that doesn’t mean he’ll cut it any time soon. 

“It kind of sucks having long hair, not going to lie. It’s hard… But, girls love the curls,” Higgins said.