The Homestead takes on Corona


Kaylie Grover

Residents of The Homestead get into the giving spirit by trading toilet paper for fun things they want or need.

Kaylie Grover, Reporter

Due to the current crisis in The Homestead has stopped visitors from coming to visit to help protect the residents. The residents love visitors and this is a very hard time for them not being able to see their loved ones face to face.

Since these residents have been having a hard time The Homestead set up an amazing idea for people to bring in items that the residents request in trade for a roll of toilet paper. The residents requested various things like cherry yogurt, a pen pal, and pink socks. 

“I thought it would be a great way for people to have some fun, get some TP, and show that we care about our old generations,” Homestead worker Blake Jenkins said. 

It’s hard to stay positive in a time like this when you really can’t do much. Residents get lonely not being able to see their families for the past month, and it’s hard to find hope for the next coming months. These gifts were a step to help the residents, and members of our community to see the bright side of things. 

“Every resident that put something on the board got multiples of what they asked for, and everytime we would go in they would have a smile for ear to ear and laugh, they were so excited,” Jenkins said.

Although this was really to help raise residents’ spirits it also gave hope to the community members that had the chance to give something.

“My 95 year old grandma lives at the Homestead and all I want to do is visit her. Since I can’t do that at least I can send her a care package and make her smile along with the many other residents in this time of crisis,” Chani Burns said.