Starting the New Year off Right

Grace Gibbs, Reporter

2020 started off with a bang at Carter Stanford’s New Years Eve Party on December 31st 2019 at Sugar Salem Junior High School.

“There was a couple of college parties and a stake dance, but I wanted to give kids more options of what party they wanted to go to,” Junior Carter Stanford said.

One of the most unexpected things that happened at Stanford’s party was the stink bomb that went off.

“I thought someone had farted and then realized it was something worse. I ran out of the moshpit as fast as I could,” Sophomore Ainsley Anderson said.

Although the minor setback sent kids running out of the gym, the party did not stop. Many kids were

excited to get back in and start dancing again.

“Overall I think the party was super fun. Everyone got super hyped and that’s what made it such a fun atmosphere,” Anderson said.