Let it snow? Or say no?

Carter Phillips, Reporter

Winter is the season of snow, sledding and snow sports. However, it is also the season of cold and wet, which makes it colder. I have interviewed seven sophomores and this is what they had to say about it. 

Taylor Cal says “I like skiing, a lot, and you can’t have that without snow. I like throwing snowballs at people, but only when they throw snowballs back. Basically, I like the snow, I don’t like the cold.”

Josh Lawernce says “Winter can be great sometimes, but it can be horrible. I like the things that come with winter, but I don’t like the snow and it’s cold and wet all the time.”

Joseph Oliphant says ”I love winter, you can burrow in the snow, you can have snowball fights, and skiing.”

Genevieve Sorenson “I like winter. It’s cold outside, there’s no sun to kill me.”

Kate Woolley “I don’t like it, It’s the only time Idaho gets any whiter.”

Eleanor Clements “It’s half-and-half. It’s dark and gloomy.”

Jeremiah Niederer “It’s a very fascinating subject, I like winter because you can do anything you want to with the snow.”

What do you think? You responses might be in a future article!