Super Bowl Food


Drake Rainey

Here in America, the Super Bowl is like a national holiday, and with every holiday comes holiday traditions and special foods.  

“Every year we go to our grandparent’s house because they have a theater room that is perfect to watch the Super Bowl. But recently we went vegan so we’ve been doing it at our house. We make these little things you take cauliflower bread it and then put hot wing sauce on them that way its like were eating chicken wings it’s pretty good,” Junior Ozzy Niederer said.

Some people like to snack on food during the Super Bowl. Chips and dip are one of the more popular snacking foods.

“My family always makes different kinds of chip dip. We get up early to make that along with a bunch of different of meat like ham, turkey, and steak,” Junior Talon Jones said.  

Families have certain traditions for the Super Bowl. But sometimes they’ve got to change their traditions to meet their conditions.

“We go and get that good pizza and we get that healthy crust so it’s pretty sick. I don’t get any special kinds of pizza. I just get healthy crust, vegan cheese, and vegetables,” Niederer said.