Super Bowl Reactions


Ozzy Niederer

On Sunday, February 4th, the Eagles beat the Patriots in Super Bowl 52. There were a lot of different reactions to the game.

“Tom Brady came back like he always does and that made me very nervous I thought that he might come back and win it when he threw that Hail Mary pass I was very nervous because you never want to underestimate Tom Brady. When we got that fumble I was so ecstatic, that’s when I knew we were gonna win,” Junior Andrew Haws said.

The Eagles were the underdogs this year so most Patriots fans were expecting to win it.

“It was pretty depressing because the Patriots lost, I think it was mostly the Patriots defense fault cause they just weren’t getting stuff done,” Sophomore Tucker Bailey said.

Some students were neutral and were just watching for a good game.

“I was rooting for the Eagles and I was very excited because it was a back and forth game and it was pretty intense and my team came out on top,” Junior Peyton Small said.