Too Old for Toys?


Courtesy Photo

Senior Hannah Burrell’s Lego projects she has completed. One being a Baby Yoda statue, and the other being a big Minecraft pig.

Keagan Martin, Bobcat Beat Staff

One of Burrell’s Lego projects that she is working on. (Courtesy Photo)

Many people have different beliefs about when you are too old for kids toys and what toys are too old to be used by anyone. We all remember the good times as a kid when that would be the reason we wanted to be at home.

When it comes to the little kids toys we of course have to talk about baby toys.

“The baby stroller thing with all of the the little baby toys on it I would say that would probably be too old and what I still play with is hot wheels ” Junior Kevin Heebner said.

Some toys that some girls used to obsess over have definitely been outmoded and need to be left in the past.

“Dolls! What the frick bro,” Senior Spencer Brown said.

Luckily, some toys never go out of style and everyone can still enjoy them.

“Legos bro no limit at all, I will be 78 and be like Legos,” Brown said.

Some other students have a very different idea of what toys are.

“I don’t know, probably the blender in the kitchen, you could hurt yourself,”  Junior Lincoln Carter said.