MHS Basketball History

Anthony Parker and Landen Drake

Back in the early 2000s, the MHS boys basketball team was unstoppable. The legendary head coach, Bill Hawkins, led the team to state ten times during his 29 years of coaching at the school. Hawkins’s coaching during those times was exceptional, being able to go to the state championships. 

“The opportunity to win five state championships and to play another five at state. Those moments were pretty special,” Hawkins said. 

Some would argue that coaching your kids would be tough, but Coach Hawkins believes the opposite.

“They were all pretty darn good, but to be able to coach one of my sons back in 2001 in a state championship game and my other son in 2002, just being able to coach your own son’s coach in those types of settings was pretty special to me and rated at the top,” Hawkins said. 

Coach Hawkins coached other high school teams for a couple of years but loved Madison the most. When he was the coach, he made life-changing memories for himself, the players, and the fans. Hawkins’s coaching experience will always be remembered by many.

Coach Hawkins has still been following the Madison basketball team since he retired.

“I still love Madison and have red, white, and gray in my veins still to this day,” Hawkins said.

His former assistant coach, Travis Schwab, took over as head coach for four years after Hawkins retired. Schwab enjoys seeing the continued success of the team. 

“He coached for four years and went to state. They got 2nd place, 3rd place, 4th place, and won the consolation game in those years. I still love to watch and support the team and show my love to the boys and to Travis Schwab. They have done such great things in the program and have been doing a great job at keeping the tradition going,” Hawkins said. 

Coach Hawkins will never be forgotten and will always be remembered as a legend at MHS.