The Six Were Missing?

Sadee Bruce, Bobcat Beat Staff

Last Saturday, October 23rd, six city council candidates didn’t show up to the “Meet The Candidate” forum. Candidate Crystal Hill was one of the six that missed the event. What was her reasoning?

“We had found some information that had made us cock our heads to the side. There is a certain candidate that may be funded and affiliated with a group of people who are a little more extreme on the conservative side. I myself am a conservative, however I do believe that extreme on either side produces communism in its own right,” Hill said.

The forum was originally organized by the MCRW (Madison County Republican Women) and all nine candidates were in agreement to go. Later on, the MCRW asked The 76 Project to help host. This was an issue for Hill because this group has been associated with extremists in the past.

“The five other candidates and I felt that there was going to be a bias. We felt that if we had gone onto the panel last week, we would have been made to look a fool. We truly do believe that this group of extremists have an agenda to make other people look bad in order to make a specific candidate look good,” Hill said.

Hill hopes that their decision to not show inspired the press along with the people of Rexburg to dig a bit deeper and realize that there is something more going on. Candidate Luke Walker planned on attending this forum, but couldn’t due to having drills for the Army Reserve. He feels it was a missed opportunity for the six and sees no concern with The 76 Project.

“I’m not too familiar with The 76 Project, but they seem relatively new, however I could be wrong. I went to their website and there was nothing that concerned me. They seemed completely benine and honestly they advocate for principles that I believe in. Nothing radical, just constitutionally friendly principles,” Walker said.

With all the chaos that’s going on, Hill leaves us with one final message:

“I would just hope that the citizens of Rexburg do their due diligence to make sure that they understand who and what they’re voting for. It’s also very important for people to understand and know as well that we risked being elected to do this for our community. We were taking a stand for a very dignified reason,” Hill said.