Imposter Among Us

Students from other schools join MHS student section

Anna Tonks, Bobcat Beat Staff

A big part of MHS is their love for sports. Whether you play them or just love to watch, lots of students enjoy being in the student section. Not only MHS students enjoy this tradition, students from other schools tend to join in on the fun. Although most don’t mind, Senior Lilli Wahlquist and Ava Hall had a very strong opinion on the subject. 

“No, it is called a Madison student section for a reason. I don’t think that they should be able to sit with us. They probably have disease” Hall said

Madison student section after a win against the Bonneville Bees (photo credit: Payton Fullmer)
Madisons homecoming game student section before the big game (photo credit: Lacie Little)


With the stadium almost full, students show up hours before the game even starts to make sure they get a good seat. 

 “I don’t think they should be allowed to sit with us. If they want to come they can create their own student section. It’s bad enough for all the Madison kids to try and sit there” Wahlquist said.

Some people at Madison do have a different opinion on the subject . One of these students is Senior, Benny Williams. 

“I would think we would have enough Madison students but if there are students from other school as long as they’re cheering for us I don’t mind” Williams said.