Counselors in the Announcements

The front desk in the counseling office.

Ashlynn Park

The front desk in the counseling office.

Ashlynn Park, Bobcat Beat Staff

Students watching the announcements at MHS have been wondering why the school counselors have been on the announcements for a week now. Well Counselor Mikelle Barney goes to tell us why they interviewed them in the first place.

“So I think they came to interview us just to give the counseling department and the counselors exposure to the students,” Barney said.

Some students even knowing that the counselors are there to talk to you with any problem you have think they don’t want to hear it or it’s weird talking to strangers. But it’s not like that at all, the counselors want to talk to you and be there for you.

Counseling sign going into the room, the counseling office is right next to the vending machines and the finance office. (Ashlynn Park)

“I think most of the time students think, ‘I don’t know them, why would I go talk to them if I don’t know them’. But the flip side to that coin is, sometimes it’s really nice to talk to someone you don’t know at all because they are very adjective to whatever you’re going through and because they have no preconceived notions about you or the situation and they can be really adjective. So actually talking to someone you don’t even know at all can be very helpful,” Barney said.