Homecoming Survey


Courtesy Photo

The Homecoming survey Lesa Jackson sent out regarding the dance Saturday night.

Kylynn Klingler, Bobcat Beat Staff

Lesa Jackson sent out a survey in an email on Tuesday September 21 to all MHS students for them to talk about what they felt about the homecoming dance that happened last Saturday. All MHS students should take it even if they didn’t attend the dance.

Mr. Willford, the speech and debate teacher at MHS, told us why the survey is important.

“Everytime we host a dance, we get a few students that will come and be like ‘that dance is lame’ and we will get others that will be like ‘that dance is awesome!’ No one ever tells us why, so the survey kinda breaks down some key points we think might be causing that decision. We want to get an idea of all the student body and what they would love to see at dances so we can make them as fun as possible,” Willford said.