Mountain Pop Shop

The front of Mountain Pop Shop in Rexburg, Idaho. It is located 
right off of the highway.

Kylynn Klingler

The front of Mountain Pop Shop in Rexburg, Idaho. It is located right off of the highway.

Kylynn Klingler, Bobcat Beat Staff

On Wednesday September 11, Mountain Pop Shop opened. It is located right next to Berry Oil.

Paige Whittaker is the owner of the pop shop and tells us what her business is all about.

“Mountain pop shop is not only your mixed sodas but we got some fun other food such as hot chocolate, we also have coffee, and we’ve got energy drinks. We didn’t want to just be a soda shop so we brought in some mountain pizza pies. Those are like scones with pizza filling in the middle. Then we have four different bagels and four different cream cheeses and fruit and yogurt parfaits. We wanted to bring something more closer to the high school, mostly to help with the morning or lunch time or an afterschool snack,” Whittaker said.

Having MHS so close is a big reason why they chose the location they are at. One of Whittaker’s main reasons she opened it up is to be a part of the community.

“I’ve wanted to do it for a couple years but the timing wasn’t right. Once I was able to find the right location I just wanted to go for it. I want to provide jobs for high school and college students. I want to do a type of fundraising and just be more involved in the community than I have been because I don’t have kids in school. I want to get more into the community and get to know more people. I thought this was a fun and good way to do that,” Whittaker said.

Having a business is a great way to be a part of the community. Sophomore Preslee Johnson has been there twice since they opened and recommends that everyone goes and tries it.

“The workers were really nice and friendly. I would recommend it; it was really cheap and good for high school students and college kids,” Johnson said.

Most highschool and college students don’t have a lot of money so this is a great option for them because it is cheaper. They have food combos and also offer deals for MSD teachers.

“We have food combos and it saves you a dollar each combo. We got one for all of the food: the mountain pie combo, bagel combo, cookie and rice crispy combo and parfait combo. On Wednesdays, faculty and staff (for all the schools around) will receive 50% off of a drink. If you follow our social media, we will have different types of deals

Grand teton drink with Dr. Pepper and a huckleberry
oreo sugar cookie. The frosting on the cookie tasted just like fresh huckleberries.
(Kylynn Klingler)

,” Whittaker said.