Tennis Training this Fall and Winter

Lundin playing tennis at Central High School.

Courtesy Photo

Lundin playing tennis at Central High School.

Peyton Burrell, Bobcat Beat Staff

Tennis is a spring sport that lots of MHS students enjoy. This year, there are fall and winter tennis training sessions for tennis players who want to advance their skills or for players who want to be ready for the actual season. Both Senior Joshua Lundin and Senior Madi Blanchard are doing some or all of the training sessions.

Blanchard standing for the picture at MHS. (Peyton Burrell)

“It’s time consuming, but fun because you get to play with your friends all year long,” Lundin said.

Blanchard started playing tennis when she was 7 years old and has been playing ever since.

“I started out at 7 years old playing with my family and then started getting coached at 9 years old,” Blanchard said.

Lundin has been playing tennis since he was 2 years old and practices about 2-3 times a week. The new Fall and Winter training is helping players be prepared to play during the tennis season.

“It will help lots of people get ready for the spring season because some people don’t practice all summer and winter, so they aren’t as good in the spring, but when you play all year it will help you be better,” Lundin said.

The session going on right now is Monday and Wednesday but there are open hits on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday where you can just go and play.

“I think it is super fun and it helps me improve my skills when it’s not the actual tennis season, and it’s a good way to get people into it before the season starts,” Blanchard said.

The new training is even personally helping Lundin in different ways.

“It is helping me get the correct form down and being able to focus,” Lundin said.

This is a perfect way to help you stay in shape and get better at tennis in general.

“It helps me stay in shape all year and helps me get good practice for when the season starts,” Blanchard said.