Grand Birthday Gorilla Gram


Courtesy Photo

Pierce and Cazier holding a “happy birthday” sign for McClure.

Saydee Bruce, Bobcat Beat Staff

Wondering why there were two gorillas running loose through MHS today? Sophomore Madison McClure turned 16 yesterday, but her best friend, Megan Cazier, along with her cousin, Aurora Pierce, wanted to continue her birthday fun.

Cazier and Pierce are from Spanish Fork, Utah and made the trip with McClure’s aunt, Chanel Pierce, for this fun surprise that they call a “Gorilla Gram”.

“We’ve done gorilla grams several times. We actually did one for Madi’s brother at his high school when he turned 16. It’s just a tradition we have in our family,” they said.

McClure actually had a feeling she might be getting a Gorilla Gram, but she was still surprised. Plus, being a new student here at MHS, she was happy to see some familiar faces.

“I went to lunch and I saw the two gorillas, my cousins, and I saw my sister, my aunt, and my mom. It was really cool,” McClure said.

McClure’s family and friends wanted her to hear this message:

“We hope that Madi had a happy birthday,” they said.