Watch out, they’re back

BYU-I students return for the fall track

Car accident next to highway 20 on-ramp.

Franklin Spicer

Car accident next to highway 20 on-ramp.

Ashlynn Park , Bobcat Beat Staff

BYU-I students are back in town, and already car wrecks and close calls have started to happen due to the heavy traffic. Officer Boivie has shared some ways to help MHS and BYU-I students drive more safely.

“Four things to do: number one, keep distance in between you and the car in front of you. Number two, stay off your phone. Number three, just pay attention to what’s going on, and number four don’t be in a rush,” Officer Boivie said.

There are definitely things we shouldn’t be doing while driving, especially with higher traffic going on. Officer Boivie goes into some detail on some of the things we should and shouldn’t be doing while driving.

“Don’t be on your phone and the main one is to just pay attention when you’re driving. I know that sounds really simple but a lot of people don’t look a block ahead or are looking at the cars around you,” said Officer Boivie