What do Seniors want to accomplish before graduation?


Eve d'Evegnee, Bobcatbeat Staff


With only about a week left, the reality of graduation is beginning to set in. However there is still a lot left to accomplish before our seniors graduate.

 “Before graduation I would like to get accepted into college. I’ve put out a couple of different applications and I’m still just waiting to hear back.” said Logan Neff, 12. 

Though Neff wasn’t the only senior with college on his mind. 

“I want to have a better plan for college, like right now I have my basic plan but I have a better plan” said Aly, 12.

With their futures boding down on Senior’s heads many find good ways to release stress.

“I want to play a really good senior prank that causes a mild amount of damage and disruption.” said Mansanna, 12.

And others were excited to have last hurrah such as Alina Williams, 12 and Aly who were excited to feel the gratification of completing high school, have fun, and give final farewells to friends. Williams especially was excited about her extracurricular activities.

“And band, all band.” said Williams.

As life changes the passions we have do not go away. Though as life progresses, complications seem never to leave us. 

“I want a job, so I can be self reliant and independent.” Said Holly Fills.

The frustrations seem to go further. College is expensive and every senior knows that. In America, students overall owe $1.71 trillion in student loan debt. Which is about $739 billion more than  the total U.S. credit card debt (Kantrowitz, 21). 

“I hope to be able to afford college without using student loans.” Said Aly.

This stress can also be put into different words.

“I want to make a lot of money or get a trust fund from somewhere. Or if a relative I didn’t know I had just dies and I get the perfect amount for tuition, housing, and my meal plan for college that would be a pretty great thing to happen before graduation.” Said Mansanna .

But the future is still just that, the future. The days to come are still filled with school work. 

“What I want to accomplish is getting a 4.0 as my end GPA and right now I’m doing the CNA class and I’d just like to get my certification and use it.” Said Susanna Mogensen, 12. 

Whether it be for current or future accomplishments, the seniors of Madison High School want

 their high school experience to have meant something

“Before graduation I want to feel happy about my accomplishments in high school. I want to feel like I ma

de a difference at the school, and feel prepared for college.” said Williams.