Athlete’s Off Season

Making a tie breaking three against the Titans Chari Cook shoots.

Making a tie breaking three against the Titans Chari Cook shoots.

Logan Crane, Bobcatbeat Staff

With most of the sports seasons coming to an end, a lot of athletes struggle with staying in shape or improving in the offseason. All athletes do different things and some do more than others. Every athlete wants to be great in the sport they play, but most athletes don’t put in enough effort in the offseason. Some are lazy and don’t want to put in extra work that others aren’t doing. Cade Chandler (11), plays varsity soccer and has been doing a lot to improve since his season ended.

“I’ve been playing indoor soccer, I run 5 miles every day, and I lift every day twice a day,” Chandler said.

A coach can play a big part in helping a player improve once the season is over. If a coach tells you to do something it makes you a lot more motivated to do it, rather than if you were doing it yourself. Chandler Rhoads was recently hired as the head football coach for Madison. He has been doing a lot since the season ended and has more planned this summer.

“We will continue with our weight room philosophy and then we’ll also add in some skill development football wise with 7on7 events and team activities,” Rhoads said.

Another important aspect of an athletes offseason is camps and tournaments during the summer. Even if you’re just playing with your school team, it will improve your game and your chemistry with your team. Charli Cook is a sophomore dual sport athlete. Playing both basketball and volleyball, she will have a busy schedule this summer. “This summer I’m gonna go to PGC camp in Texas and then to the high

After a win Varsity players Cade Chandler and Carson Brizzee pose for the picture.

school basketball and volleyball camps,” Cook said.

All this work that athletes and coaches put in is to hopefully have a great season this upcoming year. Only practicing during the season won’t be enough to win games during the season. Being a 5A school means we play great competition and need to be prepared for it. Hopefully the work we put in can help us have a great year in sports this upcoming year. 

“I’m super excited, I think the kids are excited too. I think they are excited to get to work this summer and in August practice officially starts. We got a really challenging and tough schedule this year and it should be a lot of fun,” Varsity Football Head coach Chandler Rhoads said.