Singing Our Hearts Out


Singing in masks is the new normal for choir students during Covid. So is social distancing in the auditorium instead of the choir room.

Kailani DeGraw, Reporter

On April 28 at MHS The Madison Choirs are hosting and participating in The Gem State Choral Festival. Schools from all around Rexburg will be traveling to Madison High to be judged. 

“There will be choirs from Madison, Rigby, Bonneville, ThunderRidge, and Skyline,” Choir director David Hinck said. 

The Festival is “districts” for the choirs. It is the equivalent of District competition in sports and other Activities. 

“Choirs perform for three judges and are scored on their performance as an ensemble as well as their ability to sight read a musical selection that they have never seen before,” Hinck said.

The concert is able to be attended by students. Since this is a competition, students that attend must be on their best behavior, as it is a concert setting. 

“Students may watch but must understand that this is a concert setting. They must be absolutely quiet and should not be using their cell phones during the performances. They need to enter from the lobby of the auditorium and then go up the backstairs into the upper seating,” Hinck said.

Madison has always hosted the Festival. Rexburg is so blessed to have such great programs and facilities at our high school. 

“Different schools Typically host the same event year after year so they don’t have to re-create it each time. Our facility is a wonderful place to hold the event and we have done it here ever since it was opened.  We are really blessed to have the facilities that we have!” Hinck said.