What a Great Time to be a Bobcat


Photo by Quin Wilcox

The side where the turf will be put into the field house,

Quin Wilcox , Bobcat Beat Staff

A panorama of the field house showing how large the field house is. (Photo by Qin Wilcox )

As many of you know, there have been many great additions to this amazing school/ facility in the last couple of years, naming off a few of them. We have gotten a new gym, we have also had 12 classrooms added. We were lucky enough to have gotten one of the nicest stadiums in the state and surrounding states. Now being added to the amazing facilities here at Madison is an enormous indoor facility.

“The new stadium will have a one half that is for turf, that will have 49 yards in and 53 yards wide. Then there will be a huge net in the middle of the field house; there will be 3 indoor tennis courts or 2 competition-sized courts. On the side, with turf, there will also be nets that drop down for batting cages and golf. A soccer square, and a diamond for the baseball team,” Klassen said. 

To no surprise, many coaches are very excited about getting the new facility; I was able to talk to head football coach Chandler Rhoades about how he plans to use the facility.

“We’re really excited to be able to get into the field in the early spring and be able to get the juniors acquainted with the offense so we will be able to click long before the season even begins. We were also very excited to be able to have the option to practice inside because it can snow here in the blink of an eye,” Coach Rhoades said.  

The football program isn’t the only one getting used out of the facility; I was able to talk to head track coach Steve Barrus about the things he’s most excited about.

“Just getting someplace where we can actually practice, that’s up and out of the cold, we weren’t able to use the track until April first last year, which put us very behind last year. We are very excited to also be able to put a pole vault pit in,” Coach Barrus said.

The new bobcat field house will also have tennis courts, which will also have pickle ball played in them. Making it much more accessible/useful for the community is what the administration is pleased about. Getting the community involved in this amazing facility is one of their main goals.                            

It’s a great time to be a bobcat, and everyone here knows it. GO CATS!