The Ag Building

Brooke Parkinson, Bobcatbeat Staff

Madison’s PTE building, known as the “Ag building” offers a wide range of classes that introduces students to trade and agriculture, which simultaneously go hand in hand. Going to college is scary, some attend traditional universities, while others pursue furthering their education at trade schools which headstart you into a career. 

Students looking for jobs in these areas have taken advanced metal and woodworking classes, they even have used their skills as an advantage to make money and jumpstart their career. 

“Mr Bair is my favorite teacher. I got to take his welding class and we made a lot of cool projects. I take most all classes out there if I can. It’s just rad to be out in the shops. I grew up working with those tools, so it’s nothing new to me, but welding and woodworking with my friends is fun,” Senior Riker Johnson said.

The Ag building consists of two shops, one used for woodworking and the other metal fabrication. Students enrolled in these classes learn to use the machinery and independently build projects. The teachers are not focused primarily on grading, but the skills you gain in the shop.

“I like being in the Ag classes not just because of the great teachers and subjects, but I also loved the people and how well the teachers cared for you. I have learned a lot in these Ag classes and in the shop that  I will use for the rest of my life,” Senior James Harris said.