Bobcat JV Legends


Nate Robinson

Chase Crane pulls for a deep 2-pointer in the Madison JV win over Idaho Falls

Nate Robinson, Sports Writer

The Madison Bobcats JV dominated over the Tigers in an amazing game played at the Bobcat  gym December 15, 6:00pm. “Just another win baby,” says number 23 Caden Cottle. The boys made it look easy as they pulled away with a 57-33 win leaving the Tigers in the dust.

Going into the first quarter, Madison gave the Tigers a foul allowing them to score one point but of course that wouldn’t stop them from coming back and eventually scoring 9 points to their 1 point. Berrett Wilson, a key player in the winning of the game, scored 11 points in the first quarter, even more than the opposing team had in total. The first quarter looking like a walk in the park for Madison ended in a 19-8 lead.

The second quarter did look a lot more intense as both teams came out hungry with lots of fouls and diving throughout the quarter. This quarter held the most fouls leaving the Bobcats with 8 fouls and the Tigers with 6. Madison was clearly the more aggressive team and the final score of the second quarter was 30-20.

Chase Crane pulls for a deep 2-pointer in the Madison JV win over Idaho Falls (Nate Robinson)

“One thing that was really good that I saw from our players was our defense,” said coach for the junior varsity team Shane Humpherys. “We definitely need to work on our rebounds as that was one thing we were struggling with throughout the game.” Although Madison played extremely well, they like most teams were not perfect. Like coach Humpherys said, they were losing a whole bunch of the rebounds but even so they still dominated the whole game ending with a 42-22 lead at the end of the third quarter.

Finally the last quarter of the game gave the Tigers absolutely no hope of winning as the mighty Madison Bobcats seemed to come out even stronger then before. “Relentless” being one of the words that keeps Madison giving it there all means to them that as long as they don’t quit they can not lose. They represented the Madison bobcat spirit well with a well earned victory. Berrett Wilson had the highest scoring game of all the players with a grand total of 23 points 3 of which were three pointers. This game is a great representation of what Madison has to offer to the fans as we are able to watch them grow throughout the season and throughout the following years.