What do the Highschoolers Think About the College?

Emily Palafox, Bobcatbeat Staff

Recently students from BYU Idaho came back to school; with the school opening, they have come from all over the country for college.

There are many mixed feelings about them coming back. Zabree Clark, a senior at Madison High School, doesn’t like the students’ return because they aren’t conscious of cars around them and aren’t trying to prevent the COVID cases rising.

“I always feel like I’m going to hit them when I’m driving near campus because they’re dumb, and none of them is social distancing or wearing masks at all, and so I feel like it’s just gonna make the cases go up.”

Clark also doesn’t like how they take up most of the jobs highschoolers would typically take and how traffic is worse.

“They take up all the jobs, so it’s harder for high school students to find jobs, and traffic is way worse.”

While there are negatives about the college being back in session, Clark doesn’t mind it because she has friends.

“I have a lot of friends who are college students, so I get to see them.”

Seth Karl, a senior at Madison High School, dislikes the college students because of their driving.

“I hate it because it makes traffic worse, and they’re terrible drivers, and they just walk around.”

Karl also dislikes them because of their attitudes and supplies at Walmart running low because of them.

“They’re snobby they think they own this town, but we own this town. They take all the good stuff from Walmart, so you have to go with the crappy one-ply toilet paper.”

A good thing about them coming back is Karl’s dad works for the college.

“My dad works at the college, so that’s where my money comes from, from him teaching them.”

For the most part, both Karl and Clark don’t like college students but agree there are still some good things about them coming back.