How to return our lives to normal


Tyson Lerwill, Reporter

Today we ask two MHS students what they think the government and businesses should do to  help return our lives back to normal after it was taken over by Covid-19. 

“I think the government is doing good by giving the states their own choices, and the option to make their own decisions based on their own situations,” Junior Wyatt Stoddard said.

Alum Stoddard
Wyatt and Captain Stoddard

Others think that the government should be more together in their decision. 

“I think that the government should come together and become more united, and be able to come to one solution,” Junior Annalise Moore said.

photo by Kim Dye
Annalise Moore last fall

People are not the only things that need help, the economy needs help as well.

“I think that businesses should, when approved, should open up instead of fearing losing money, because for the economy to boost businesses need to be open,” Stoddard said.

In other cases some want a more cautious approach to reopening businesses.

“I think that businesses should slowly open back up as it becomes safer, and they can look towards other businesses for support,” Moore said.