Kindness in Tradegy

Elli Thayne, Reporter

Although many people are isolated and in their homes at this time, this quarantine has been able to bring people together and help bring out the good in our community here in Rexburg.

A woman on Facebook filled plastic eggs with candy and gave away twenty Easter baskets for free for families in need with small children. She is just one of the many examples of selfless acts and service. 

Monica Keller was a recipient of service through this quarantine. She had surgery and had to be quarantined in home because of her return missionary. Many people brought dinners and masks to help Keller and her family!

“People have been really good and trying to do whatever they can…I also feel like others to me as well as me to others, have checked on each other more often,” says Keller. 

Another recipient of service during this quarantine was Allison Rowe. Her baby has a milk sensitivity and has to get a special formula. They were running low and couldn’t find any, so she went on Facebook and asked if anyone had some. Many people responded and helped her out. 

“We were able to get enough to last us till stores got it back in stock and delivered. I was so grateful for everyone’s help,” says Rowe. 

Along with all these acts of service, many people were willing to fast and pray to help this virus to go away. After an invitation from The Church of Jesus Christ’s prophet, Russel M. Nelson, 500,000 people from different faiths were willing to come together on facebook and share their experience of fasting. A member of the facebook group, Devon Somera was able to be a part of the fast and shared his thoughts about it. 

“When our future grandchildren ask that one question..What was one thing you remember from the COVID-19 era? I will tell them when the world prayed together,”  Somera wrote on his Facebook post.

Despite these scary and uncertain times, our community has been willing to come together and help each other. Whether it has been going to the store for a neighbor or joining together to fast and pray. It has been a great way to bring out the best in so many people!