The Life of Lockdown for Business Owners


Outside of

Wesley Jensen, Reporter

Courtesy photo
Picture of the inside of The Avenues, a wedding venue that is being hurt by the shut down.

For me and many other high schoolers this lockdown is not really affecting anything but our boredom. For the rest of the world, it is absolutely detrimental. The U.S. economy is falling apart and we could possibly see a recession worse than 2008.

For my mom’s wedding and event business, the pandemic is crippling. We had over 20 weddings scheduled for this year and everyone has canceled.

I was curious how my mom was handling this and asked what she was doing to keep making money for the business.

“We have been painting the exterior and doing projects that would otherwise be difficult to do during a busy season. Before all businesses were shut down I did offer small weddings at a reduced price,” Sara Jensen said.

So while there is time to make upgrades to the building and do other projects, there is absolutely no way to make money during this time.


Street view of The Avenues


For my mom any many other businesses, we pray that the end of this pandemic is near so we can get back to our lives and not have to worry about how we are going to live with no money.