Vans on Top of the World


Photo by Mariah Rigby

A classic Van.

Mariah Rigby, Reporter

Photo Courtesy of Cameron Marino
Maurino’s Vans collection.

Vans are running the school. Seniors Cameron Maurino and Jacob Christensen explain why they have a love for the shoe. 

“They’re so comfortable, and you can customize them,” Cameron Maurino said, “I just like the way they are, the way they look, and their functionality. 

Vans have started to replace other shoe brands that once had greater influence such as Converse, Adidas and Nike. 

Jacob Christensen said that Nike’s were a close second, but Vans were still superior.

One reason why people love Vans, is the fact that there are lots of different types and styles.

When asked what his favorite type was Jacob Christensen replied

“Actually, it just depends on the day. If I’m a lazy man then I’ll wear slip ons, but If I’m trying to impress my woman, then I’ll wear high tops.”

There was a survey on Instagram about how many pairs of Vans people own. There was lots of variety in the answers. The highest answer was an astonishing 34 pairs! The average was more like 4-5. 

Maurino said he had 7 pairs of Vans, “I’ll take off the shoes and put the shoes back on the box. So I have all my shoes laid out on the boxes that line my wall,” Maurino said. 

Keeping the shoes in good condition is key. Let’s face it, Vans aren’t going away anytime soon. 

“They’re just comfortable, make you look sleek and like you’re on top of the world,” Christensen said.