World War 3?

Trevor Lucero, Reporter

In these past couple of weeks there has been controversy events happening in the USA revolving around the possibility of the outbreak of World War 3.   

“No I don’t think World War 3 will breakout. Iran has Little man syndrome and they’ll eventually wake up and know America will Destroy them,” Senior Husdon skinner said.

  President Trump ordered an assassination on Iran’s top general Qasem Soleimani, and sent 3000 troops to Iran to keep the country under control. Iran then attempted to send missile strikes toward the American troops.            

“Iran really messed up by sending those missiles it’s like waking a Grizzly bear out of hibernation,” Skinner said.

Many people in the United States have been making memes and jokes of the possibility of getting drafted for World War 3.

“If World War 3 breaks out I would move to Mexico and start a new life there, and never come back to the United States,” Junior Brian Cabanillas said.