MHS Teachers Side Hustles


Photo by Kari Anderson

Delicious icecream from Fair Land.

Kari Anderson and Mariah Rigby

Photo by Kari Anderson
Crumbl Cookies!

Some teachers at Madison High School don’t just inspire students, they also run businesses in Rexburg,

Photo by Kari Anderson
Soda Vine!

Idaho. Mr. Chavez, Mrs. Eastin, and Mr. Wills were all asked questions about what it’s like and the challenges they face owning a business. 

“Starting up Fairland was hard, and entertaining, because you have to learn the ins and outs of the laws that you have to follow for Rexburg codes,” Chavez said.

Starting a new business doesn’t just come with following the laws and making sure everything is up to date. It can also lead to new opportunities and experiences.

“It’s been fun and exciting, sometimes stressful, demanding, eventful, adventurous, and enjoyable! It’s exciting to open up new opportunities for people to be employed, and I’m really happy about it,” Eastin said. 

Wills also mentioned how it is important to create good jobs to help the economy of the town and the students. Crumble is coming to Rexburg January 16th and is going to be a great success!

“I hope it is a good product for the community and I also hope it employs a lot of people, “we’ve got several high school students working for us as well as college kids, and any time we can employ more people at a good wage and at the same time offer a good product it is a win win!” Wills said.

There is a lot of satisfaction that comes with running a successful business. Many people have benefited from the hard work, time and effort that these teachers have put in. 

“The best thing for me is to see people have fun and enjoy companionship and just communicating with each other and having a good time.; Another thing I love is that i can employ young people to help support the in school, college and marriage, and I love that most of all,”Eastin said