Madison Soars Above Blackfoot


Madison defeated Blackfoot 63-34 on Dec. 20

Kamila Rhoades, Sports Writer

The crowd was in for a riveting game, Friday night, Dec. 20 for a home game as the Madison Bobcats played the Blackfoot Broncos.  When Madison got the jump ball you knew it was going to be a game of high stakes. The Madison Bobcats defeated the Blackfoot Broncos Friday night 63 – 34 with the Bobcats almost doubling the Broncos score.  

The Madison Bobcats starters for Friday night’s game were  #0 Carson Downey, #2 Easton Cordero, #4 Dawson Wills, #20 Mark Williams, #22 Taden King.  

First quarter ending score was 23-16 with Madison leading by 7, it was an exciting game, the ball was back and forth between Madison and Blackfoot because of fouls and the ball going out of bounds. The crowd was going wild. The three point shots really helped to give the Bobcats a lead in the first quarter.

Second quarter Madison scored over ten points, they kept the lead as Blackfoot was able to make several foul shots that helped to keep them in the game. The ending score was 35-25 the Broncos were down by Ten. 

Third quarter was when Madison really took the lead scoring 12 points during the third quarter. The ball was stolen from Blackfoot by Madison several times during the third quarter. This really shook the Broncos up and the ending score was 47-27. 

 Fourth quarter starting score was the Bobcats was ahead by 20 points but they didn’t let their guard down scoring another 16 points. Ending score was the Bobcats creaming the Broncos by 29 points.

 During the game the Bobcats played Man to Man defense. Total team fouls for Madison was 14. Blackfoots team fouls were 11. The Bobcats took 2 – 30 second timeouts and 1 full. Blackfoot took 1 – 30 second timeout. 

Coach Travis Scwab said, “We played awesome, not only because we won but because of our defense.” 

Previous to this game Blackfoot Broncos took Rigby to overtime and loss. And loss to Highland by 2. Rigby and Highland are in Madison’s district. Giving Madison a chance with those teams.   

The Madison Varsity boys next up coming home game, is the annual throwback game. It will be held Saturday the 28th at the Madison Jr. High School at 7:30 the Bobcats will be up against Bonneville.