Madison JV Boys Crush Idahofalls


Photo by Blaire Gordon

Blaire Gordon, Reporter

The Madison JV boys basketball team starting of strong; going undefeated. As the gym was getting full and the nerves were going up, the Bobcats were able to stay calm under pressure. The  Madison Bobcats started with player number one, Rhett Hathaway, number three, Logan Crane, player ten, Riley Sutton, number fourteen, Isaac Wilson, and last playing at the five position number twenty-three Spencer Young. 

The bobcats had Isaac Wilson go up for the jump ball against the Tigers. With Madison winning possession of the ball it is handed off to Spencer Young who gets a killer layup. Idaho Falls starting out in man-to-man defense. The Bobcats also starting man defense trying to be more aggressive on defense to cause the Tigers to turn the ball over so that they could get some fast breaks. Tigers not being strong with the ball on offense lead to Madison getting steals and getting fouled and going to the free-throw line. With the bobcats up 13-4  in the first quarter, defensively they decided to transition into a zone defense. By doing this they were able to stop the Tigers from penetrating and going to the basket. 

Second quarter starting, Madison upped their game and decided to take the momentum from Idaho Falls. The Bobcats offense was trying to penetrate with the ball and kick it out to other open players. Idaho Falls offense, they would pass the ball and cut to the basket looking to score (very simple offense). With 30 seconds on the clock time running out Rhett hathaway pulls up for the three pointer and making they score 37-14 going into halftime. 

Continuing onto the next quarter, Bobcats decide to return back to man-to-man defense. Tigers sticking with their man defense, but would occasionally go to a zone defense. Going into a man defense can get some players into foul trouble. Tiger number 42, Merit Jones sadly fouls out. For the Madison Bobcats had very few players that were in foul trouble, one of them being Hathaway with 3 fouls and Wilson with 4. End of quarter the Cats looking to score, Wyatt Stoddard puts the ball on the floor looks to drive and gets fouled, heads to the free-throw line. 

The game is winding down, the Tigers are stilling fighting back scoring against the Bobcats. Madison answering back. Rydalch, number eleven playing great defense gets a steal and scores for the Bobcats and they end up winning it all, sending the tigers home defeated. After talking to player, Cody Rydalch he says “the game went by really fast, I wish they would slow down!”. As we continued to talk he goes on to state the strengths and weaknesses of tonight’s game by saying, “one thing we did well tonight as a team would be defensive we did really well. But, a weakness was taking chargers while on defense and fouling the other team.”

Overall the Bobcats had a crushing defeat over the Tigers with the ending score of 66-50. The Madison JV Boys teams next home game is on Friday, 20th at 6 p.m. against the Blackfoot Broncos.