Frozen 2, Hit or Miss?


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Frozen 2 made $127 million dollars on opening weekend at the box office.

Grace GIbbs, Reporter

Children and teens around the world have been awaiting the arrival of Disney’s new up and coming movie Frozen 2.

“I was excited for it to come out but I feel the first movie was better than the second,” Sophomore Eleanor Clements said.

What everyone is wanting to know is if the songs in Frozen 2 lives up to or surpasses the expectations of the first movie.

Photo Courtesy of Google Images
Frozen 2 is named the 6th billion dollar film Disney has made this year.

“I feel like the songs will work for older people. The songs are a lot less childish. I really enjoyed the songs in the second movie,” Sophomore Kenli Twitchell said.

One thing that nobody can forget about the first movie is the music. For years now, children and adults have been singing along with the fictional characters. However, many viewers were disappointed in the music. The showtunes were not as catchy to the opposing watchers.

“The music didn’t go along with the movie. At least in the first movie the songs had a purpose,” Clements said.