Post is the Most


Photo Courtesy of Paulina Gonzalez

Paulina Gonzalez, Remi Flint, and Felicity Hymas

Mariah Rigby, Emily Willmore, and Kari Anderson

Post Malone was in Salt Lake City performing on November 11th at the Vivint Smart Home Arena. Seniors Felicity Hymas and Paulina Gonzalez were more than happy to make the four hour drive to see him.

“The tickets were $150 but with the taxes and extra cost it ended up being around $200 even with the cost, the drive was so worth it,” Senior Paulina Gonzalez said.

When seeing someone preform it always seems that there is one number that stands out more than the rest.

“Rockstar was the most intense performance, because everybody was going crazy and getting into the music. He even broke his guitar at the end of the song,” Gonzalez said.

Listening to music with headphones and seeing the artist in real life is different. You see their emotions while they are on stage and what they felt while making the songs that you love. 

“I listen to other songs and I don’t really feel anything, but with Post Malone, I can feel what he’s feeling. When I was heart broken and I listen I can feel it and I feel like he understands me a little bit and I feel like I understand him also. When I listen to a song that brings back memories it warms my heart,” Gonzalez said.

Going to a concert can be a life changing thing. 

“Post Malone was amazing, seeing him in real life was a whole different experience, and I’d recommend it to anyone,” Senior Felicity Hymas said.