Mrs. Miller’s Mustang

Mrs. Millers Mustang.

Photo by Ethan Ball.

Mrs. Millers Mustang.

Ethan Ball, Reporter

 A few days ago, I had the opportunity to talk to Miss Miller about her awesome mustang. She owns a 2006 GT Mustang with a 4.6L v8 pushing out 300 horse power. She has owned this mustang for 3 years now and still loves the thrill of the ride.

Last year I was coming out of the Ag building and noticed a beautiful, red Ford Mustang parked in the teachers’ parking lot. I thought to myself, “Who could own that?” Later that week, I would come to find out that the owner was Mrs. Miller.  She was my English teacher at the time. I was shocked to see a teacher owning a car like this.   

When I asked Mrs. Miller about her Mustang, she instantly lit up.  She said, “I have always loved Mustangs ever since I was a teenager.  I like muscle cars and the Mustang is my favorite.”

Her brother owned a Camarro and she liked it. However,  it was no match when compared to the Mustang. When asked why she loves her Mustang, Mrs. Miller replied,  “How fast it is!”