Test Taking Time is Nearing


Photo by Tiffany King

Junior Sydney Green.

Tiffany King, Reporter

Photo by Tiffany King
Sophomore Trace Peterson.

This October students will prepare for what seems like days of testing. Madison High Sophomores and Juniors will be sorted into different rooms to have the PSAT and ASVAB administered to them. 

“That day lasts forever,” Junior Sydney Green said. 

Hours of sitting in one classroom puts many on edge, making them dread the day it comes. The PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test) will be given to the Sophomores. This is a state required test that prepares students to take the SAT in later years.

“I hate it and it should be optional,” Sophomore Trace Peterson said.

The Juniors will take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test or ASVAB. This exam is used to determine qualification for enlistment into the United States Armed Forces. For most students, this test will just be for test-taking practice since the majority will not enlist into the armed forces. 

“Isn’t that the military thing?” Junior Jared Corey said.