MHS Clubs


Photo by Michael Zenger.

Seth Ingram and Carson Smith pick up blocks with last years robot.

Addison Palmer, Kalaya Goodman, and Eliza Gleason

Photo by Michael Zenger. 
Senior Carson Smith showing off the beginnings of his newest robot.

Are you interested in joining a club? If so Madison High has many clubs to offer. Whether you are looking for a fun social experience or to gain more knowledge on a subject, we’ve got you covered. 

The clubs include: The Creative Writing Club, Scholastic Team, Spanish Club, Robotics club, French Club, Key Club, National Honors Society, Board Game Club, Karaoke Club, Art Club, Spirit Club, LGBTQA, FFA, BPA, Harry Potter Club, eSports Club, History Scholastic Team, Computer Science Club, and the Disney Club.

National Honors Society-

       “The National Honors Society, it’s basically a service oriented club, and we meet once a month and just do service around the school or the community, like we’ve done shop with a cop, or last year we sterilized everything when everybody was sick.”, said Senior Megan Brugger, President of The National Honors Society. 

          How can you join this club you ask? “To be part of NHS you have to have a GPA of 3.5 or higher and maintain it throughout the entire school year.” “If you do have that high grade point average we will come find you and then you can apply”, added Brugger. 

Disney Club- 

Did you know that there is a Disney club?! “We watch different Disney movies each week. We will start with the basic cartoons, and then move on to live action. Then, towards third trimester, we will start learning about the different lands in Disney.” Said Sophomore Hannah Snelgrove.

‘Where is it held, and how do I become a part of it,’ you might wonder. “Its held every Wednesday in Mr. Snelgrove’s room. You don’t have to sign up at all, it’s just like a ‘show up if you want’ sort of thing.” Hannah said.

There are benefits of joining this club, especially if you are in the orchestra. “It kinda coincides with the orchestra DisneyLand tip at the end of the year. So any orchestra students who want to do it, they can learn about DisneyLand and stuff.” Said Hannah.


Another very important club in Madison, is the LGBTQA club. Most people do not know what this club is really about and what they are striving to accomplish. “ The purpose of this support group is not just for LGBT teens, it’s for allies too.  If you are dealing with things at home and you need someone to talk to, even if you’re not LGBT you can still come to the support group. We want everyone to feel equal and we will always set aside our differences to help you out.” Senior Kelton Watson, Creator of the LGBTQA support group states.

The group tried to get started last year, but unfortunately made it too late to get fully publicized. This year they got it up in time and are hoping for a good turn out. “ I just want to do it again this year so i can get the point across that we do actually have a presence at this school, and we want to make people know that it’s a thing and you can’t just ignore it, we are people too.”


Our school has a karaoke club! Mr. Ingram is in charge of this club where you can just come, hangout, sing, and enjoy karaoke. The club is usually held in Mr. Ingrams room on Wednesdays but occasionally they will hold the club in the lunchroom for a change of location.  Anyone can come and have fun!

“It will be occasionally held in the lunch room for fun and we’ll be singing whatever people want to sing,” Owen Cluff said.

If you are interested in technology this is the club for you. The robotics club invites anyone who likes anything from designing robots to creating a wooden dragster to creating and coding games. Do you need to be in a certain class to be a part of this? “No, anybody can do it, join the club after school,” said Senior Seth Ingram. The competitions are different each year for the VEX Robotics. “Last year we were supposed to like grab these disk things and like lift them up onto, onto like pillars with our robot,” Ingram said. This year they need to design the robot to stack blocks in certain areas of the mat. “We meet on Wednesdays after school,” said Senior Carson Smith. “Basically this program is just trying to like get kids interested in like electronics and engineering that sort of thing where you are hands on building something that you love and you enjoy,” Smith said. Whether you are the always the person showing people how to use things related to technology or you are just wanting to learn more about technology, this is the club for you.